WSIB Info & Contacts

It is important to fill out the WSIB forms properly. If you would like assistance to do this, you can contact our WSIB representatives. Call or text Trevor Adams, Leila Paugh, Tim Borowski or Adam Cox for assistance. You can also contact Debbie Smith (She has a contract with the Union to assist with WSIB claims) All cell numbers are below.

The employer will also require you to fill out a Parklane Report as well, and let your supervisor know to expect the report.

You will have to fill out a Parklane report, a WSIB Form 6, and a functional abilities report (FAR). A WSIB FAF is acceptable for an occupational illness or injury (WSIB claimable). The Doctor will fill out a Form 8.

Keep copies of all correspondence, record on paper your conversations with WSIB and who you talked to.

Click on below: “Workplace Injury and WSIB Forms” for all the information you need before proceeding.

Your WSIB SPECIALIST & Contact info:

DEBBIE SMITH       905-932-3605

TREVOR ADAMS    905 736-2333

LEILA PAUGH         905 328-0908

ADAM COX            905 745 9115

TIM BOROWSKI    905 380 8643